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6bceb68697e41a9aa6c8f1bee3e3aed19e86abb4 6bceb68697e41a9aa6c8f1bee3e3aed19e86abb4
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Stanislaw Osinski Stanislaw Osinski 6bceb68697e41a9aa6c8f1bee3e3aed19e86abb4 6bceb68697e41a9aa6c8f1bee3e3aed19e86abb4 User 1.7 source.
Stanislaw Osinski Stanislaw Osinski dc73fd852f27197450b4e40aaa09139a443f6f88 dc73fd852f27197450b4e40aaa09139a443f6f88 JDK 1.8 seems to change the PNG binary output. Use the new binaries, ignore the tests in JDK <1.8.

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Successful SpriteBuilderTest testSpriteImageUidMd5 History
Failing since build #1 (Rebuilt by Stanislaw Osinski) JDK 1.8 < 1 sec
Successful SpriteBuilderTest variableSubstitutionInSpriteImagePath History
Failing since build #1 (Rebuilt by Stanislaw Osinski) JDK 1.8 < 1 sec

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Could not find test result reports in the /mnt/work/bamboo-home/xml-data/build-dir/SMARTSPRITES-SOFTWARE-JDK16 directory.