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Dawid Weiss Dawid Weiss d8a4efc1f1da6f8d534ec421bccddd702ac621d5 d8a4efc1f1da6f8d534ec421bccddd702ac621d5 Merge pull request #202 from rmuir/securitymanager
Add a security-manager test/example and clean up permissions.
Robert Muir <> Robert Muir <> b8e05e10128fe52447a54b47d653c24696b2f50f b8e05e10128fe52447a54b47d653c24696b2f50f link into POM and fix java 6 compile
Robert Muir <> Robert Muir <> 637c5e80da8c6cdd0f279e64cb6b8e47f3b2c26a 637c5e80da8c6cdd0f279e64cb6b8e47f3b2c26a Break out runtime permission and improve testing
Robert Muir <> Robert Muir <> 5e1a032f5fdd1bf08873c3ffb58701b98924e5ce 5e1a032f5fdd1bf08873c3ffb58701b98924e5ce clean up more setAccessible
Robert Muir <> Robert Muir <> 3ff879ad89c75352f930a3d622c942a39ef511ee 3ff879ad89c75352f930a3d622c942a39ef511ee Add an example that runs under securitymanager. It like a "test" that no strange permissions are needed.
Its build sets properties for the URLs of randomized-runner and junit4-ant jar files,
this way test-framework jars can have different permissions than test classes.

As a first step, the suppressAccessChecks permission (pure evil) needed by the gson serializer
is encapsulated within an AccessController block, and only the junit4 runner gets this permission.