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  • Quintard Christophe <>

    Quintard Christophe <> 8f84fedd20e297d647a0546e8ff5f1d25f142dd9

    GH-38: Array of fields cannot be used. (Christophe Quintard via Dawid Weiss).

    • src/main/java/org/carrot2/elasticsearch/ (version 8f84fedd20e297d647a0546e8ff5f1d25f142dd9)
  • Dawid Weiss

    Dawid Weiss df6f5a247cee5276d7e7cc9a1f3e07dad5b8cd0d

    Added a note about changes on master.

    • (version df6f5a247cee5276d7e7cc9a1f3e07dad5b8cd0d)
  • Dawid Weiss

    Dawid Weiss 624244f047a330b9533a9eba83081867c8ac900e

    GH-40: Upgrade to C2 3.12.0 and L3G 1.13.0.

    • CHANGES.txt (version 624244f047a330b9533a9eba83081867c8ac900e)
    • pom.xml (version 624244f047a330b9533a9eba83081867c8ac900e)
    • src/main/plugin-metadata/plugin-security.policy (version 624244f047a330b9533a9eba83081867c8ac900e)