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Dawid Weiss Dawid Weiss 890612e715a13cbd306ebb55d6499e869ac57d73 890612e715a13cbd306ebb55d6499e869ac57d73 HPPC-150: Make the default key mixing strategy globally configurable (via           "hppc.bitmixer" sysprop). This property allows switching from           random bit mixer strategy to any of the following:           - random               the default strategy. Varies bit mixer per instance.           - deterministic               the default strategy in HPPC up to v. 0.6.x. Varies bit               mixer depending on hash container size.           - none               No bit mixing is used (hash sets/maps become scatter sets/ maps).
          This is a last-resort, discouraged, property. Your code should not
          rely on hash map/set ordering. Your code should use scatter maps when
          speed is of absolute importance and there are guarantees that keys
          won't be copied around to other associative containers.
Dawid Weiss Dawid Weiss 9bf30c8b169bc2c284d4fa20fd9b17d0c61cbf84 9bf30c8b169bc2c284d4fa20fd9b17d0c61cbf84 HPPC-149: added test. improved initial seed for very short time spans.

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