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Dawid Weiss Dawid Weiss ad42ff27b63807cf9b294de67198b21f4127c39b ad42ff27b63807cf9b294de67198b21f4127c39b HPPC-144: Moved certain esoteric key/value containers to a separate JAR. This           JAR has an identical dependency as main HPPC jar, but is declared with           an "esoteric" classifier. The following containers are included           in the set of "esoteric" ones:           * all associative containers with Byte* keys           * all associative containers with Float* keys           * all associative containers with Double* keys
          Byte-keyed containers are very infrequent (just create a plain array
          for values). Hash containers keyed by a floating-point type are odd
          and may lead to confusion. The problem is how the "key" should be
          normalized from fixed-bit representation and then internally compared.
          If fp normalization is applied (like Double.doubleToLongBits) then
          the value one puts in a set or a map may be different from the value
          later retrieved while iterating over the set of keys. On the other
          hand, if one takes raw floating point values (for example
          Double.doubleToRawLongBits) then there are awkward side-effects
          (like various types of NaNs can be stored as separate keys, for

          All floating-point "esoterics" use proper normalization, but it is
          strongly advised to manually apply the floating point-fixed-point
          conversion (normalization) in the target code and just use
          a corresponding fixed-point associative container for storing
          normalized values.
Dawid Weiss Dawid Weiss 49f3f03108a5d315d0cf8dfe953be297c028f5ec 49f3f03108a5d315d0cf8dfe953be297c028f5ec Don't clean eclipse's output folder by default.

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