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Dawid Weiss Dawid Weiss dd88f7c37d7e2081bd7a6f1bbff315305e3998a6 dd88f7c37d7e2081bd7a6f1bbff315305e3998a6 HPPC-112: added ensureCapacity to Dequeues and cleaned up the code a bit.
Dawid Weiss Dawid Weiss 4429d89f1bccfb1818396cf831778e272e50578d 4429d89f1bccfb1818396cf831778e272e50578d Editing CHANGES.
Dawid Weiss Dawid Weiss d00b567f0a39d60ea0a8573e19fbe4161359a7f8 d00b567f0a39d60ea0a8573e19fbe4161359a7f8 HPPC-118: Removed generic buffer declarations and replaced with actual Object[] or primitive type.
Dawid Weiss Dawid Weiss 29a547e4a3b4e160914e71765acae0cccbe4b493 29a547e4a3b4e160914e71765acae0cccbe4b493 HPPC-97: refactored intrinsic calls into separate methods. Added erasure cast.
Dawid Weiss Dawid Weiss 1f40b7163e8a569d0827d72b7d3ab1f2a9f2696d 1f40b7163e8a569d0827d72b7d3ab1f2a9f2696d Run only after clean.

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