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Dawid Weiss Dawid Weiss 2da6cad4a3dd99b484ded3896391a51dfef07177 2da6cad4a3dd99b484ded3896391a51dfef07177 Merge branch 'master' into bugfix/3.15.x
Dawid Weiss Dawid Weiss 4ed4a65c3dd07f529896f190d8fe85d844ce1399 m 4ed4a65c3dd07f529896f190d8fe85d844ce1399 CARROT-1167: Switch Bing5 to conservative mode (requests issued sequentially)
Dawid Weiss Dawid Weiss 688db78d0928c27db57fb3cac461f9df3c985496 m 688db78d0928c27db57fb3cac461f9df3c985496 CARROT-1166: Bing5 issues too many requests when there in conservative mode and with no results
Dawid Weiss Dawid Weiss 62981dc3ce141cc4def16827c01bec72e18f3306 m 62981dc3ce141cc4def16827c01bec72e18f3306 Decreased the limits for Bing to 30 results per page and max. 200... The official limits are 50/950, but in practice the engine returns much fewer resultsa
Dawid Weiss Dawid Weiss da26795ff51133065410dd0d966b1a5f345eab2f m da26795ff51133065410dd0d966b1a5f345eab2f Adding a missing import.

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