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  • Dawid Weiss

    Dawid Weiss 9af2eb0b83ec4ae1e72fa012af477cd3efb0da64

    Bumping version.

    • carrot2.version (version 9af2eb0b83ec4ae1e72fa012af477cd3efb0da64)
  • Dawid Weiss

    Dawid Weiss 72078c184d06e99a1c7eead0720a01d942199012

    jdiff is no longer available (junk under java 1.8+)

    • etc/jdiff/carrot2-3.16.2.xml (version 72078c184d06e99a1c7eead0720a01d942199012)
  • Dawid Weiss

    Dawid Weiss d1f947d8b9c94d5fe6411dd33cae5816fc5faa7f

    Bump version.

    • carrot2.version (version d1f947d8b9c94d5fe6411dd33cae5816fc5faa7f)
  • Dawid Weiss

    Dawid Weiss 7497d329e2585db836836c27825daa13e95a1bdb

    Merge with master.

  • Dawid Weiss

    Dawid Weiss ef37caaa22b87649c53533c3d77ac4de9fde1910 m

    Bumping version number to snapshot.

    • carrot2.version (version ef37caaa22b87649c53533c3d77ac4de9fde1910)